Meet Jeremy HartshornDSC_2412

Jeremy is a Kauai-based singer, songwriter, music educator, producer, audio engineer, band coach and multi-instrumentalist. Jeremy splits his time creating and teaching music at his island home and touring the mainland as a Compassion Ambassador and traveling worship leader.  For the last 20 years, Jeremy’s life has revolved around making and performing music and helping others do the same. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out, Jeremy can help you achieve your musical goals.

Jeremy, the Producer. 

Help when you need it. Space when you don’t.

Jeremy is passionate about helping people turn the sounds in their heads and the scribblings in their journals into great sounding recordings that impress and inspire. His unique approach and extensive skill-set helps artists sound like the best version of themselves without imposing his own artistic sensibilities on the project. Jeremy intuitively understands when to step in and help and when to step back and let the artist “do their thing”.  He specializes in rock and pop arrangements which have been referred to as “world class” by Berklee College of Music professor Stephen Webber. Jeremy’s band Kendall was nominated for Album Of The Year at the 2006 Los Angeles DIY Festival for their album Anything But Fear which Jeremy produced.

Jeremy, the Band Coach. 

Every sports team needs a coach. Every band does too.

Two things that most successful bands have in common are 1) they start young and, 2) they stay together. Having a coach helps young bands stay focused, get along, resolve conflicts and stay together long enough to actually accomplish something. Jeremy’s extensive experience working with young musicians as well as his experience leading his own bands over the years makes him the perfect choice to steer bands towards success. Just ask Paradox Lockdown. With Jeremy’s help, this prolific youth act has dominated Kauai’s music scene for the last several years, racking up awards and talent show wins time after time. They have already released two 6 song EPs and are prepping a 3rd. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that they have stayed together for nearly 5 years.

Jeremy, the Songwriter. 

Jeremy writes a lot of songs. You can too. He can help.

Jeremy wrote his first song in 1993 at age 17. It wasn’t very good… but he never stopped. Twenty years later, Jeremy is still at it . He has written scores of songs, released seven albums and helped dozens of others do the same. His songs have been played on the radio, featured in films, and sung in churches across the world. He has helped dozens of artists craft and re-craft their songs, lyrics and melodies, and has a proven track record helping would-be songwriters take their ideas to the next level.


“Jeremy has a heart, a voice, a gift and a guitar, and is not afraid to use them. He has well written songs, great guitars and melodies… I love his brave lyrics.”

— Michael Ruff  — International producer, director & songwriter for several Grammy nominated artists


Jeremy, the Engineer.

Work fast. Sound great.

Jeremy knows what it takes to have a productive recording session. Over the years he has learned by trial and error to work quickly and efficiently in the studio and is ready to help you do the same. He has logged countless hours tracking on ProTools based systems since 1998 and has extensive knowledge of miking techniques, studio work-flow and troubleshooting. Jeremy has great ears and is passionate about getting great sounds. He is a lightning fast ProTools editor and can turn even the most lackluster performance into something listenable using inventive techniques and tricks learned by many hours of “trench work”. He has been heavily involved in the creation of project studios for himself and has served as consultant for many others hoping to build their own workspace. His most recent creation is a project studio on wheels called The Bandwagon.

Jeremy, the Studio Musician. 

No band? No problem! 

Jeremy is a one-man backing band. He is a skilled guitarist, bassist, percussionist, drummer and vocalist. He even plays a little ukulele, banjo and keyboard. In other words, all an artist needs is a tune. Jeremy also has a large network of extremely talented musicians that he can employ to help solo artists pull off everything from bluegrass to hard rock to electro pop.


Jeremy, the Mixer. 

Bringing it all together.

Jeremy is passionate about mixing. Jeremy employs his ear for details and a variety of hard-earned techniques to accomplish the goal of to creating invisible mixes that take the listener on a journey without being distracting. Crisp clear highs, balanced mids, deep solid lows, all co-existing in the same sonic space is the name of the game. Listen to some of Jeremy’s mixes here.