Produced, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Hartshorn on The Bandwagon (Kauai, Hawaii). Additional tracking by Pete Dawson, Chris Holowaty, Cameron Williamson and Pierce Bivens.



Track Listing:
01  Lift You Up
02  Love That Saves
03  Forever Yours
04  My God & King
05  The Solid Rock
06  Hands & Feet
07  You Are
08  Rocks Would Cry Out
09  The Lord’s Prayer
10  Glory


Glory Tumbles OutJEREMY HARTSHORN – Glory Tumbles Out

Enjoyable even for a Godless heathen such as myself.”

Glen Phillips
Veteran singer/songwriter & lead singer for Toad The Wet Sprocket

Jeremy has a heart, a voice, a gift and a guitar, and is not afraid to use them. He has well written songs, great guitars and melodies that bring you singing into the worship room. I love his brave lyrics.

Michael Ruff
International producer, director & songwriter for several Grammy nominated artists

Produced by Jeremy Hartshorn
Co-produced by Joe Maurer



Not AfraidJEREMY HARTSHORN – Not Afraid

“…Truly a masterful work… I REALLY LIKE THIS! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FREAK!”- Justin Fox
 veteran singer/songwriter
“Jeremy is an incredibly gifted composer of insightful and incredibly catchy worship songs.”- Rick Bundschuh – 
teaching pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship | Author of “Passed Thru Fire” & “Don’t Rock the Boat, Capsize It”


jeremyhartshornJEREMY HARTSHORN – Rocks Would Cry Out

A Worship Anthology of previously recorded works by Jeremy Hartshorn, re-released for Hawaii in 2008.





kendallmusicKENDALL – Anything But Fear

Kendall was formed by Jeremy and a group of musicians from Southern California in early 2004.  “Anything But Fear” was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2006 Los Angeles DIY Festival and is currently available on iTunes. “Kendall is a band with an uncanny knack for perfectly placed guitar breaks, like the one near the close of Don’t Mind Me. Harmonizing with the vocal melody, the guitar solo lifts the song to a new place just when you thought the song would fade. It’s the kind of moment that’s extremely hard to craft, but this record is full of those gems. Go to iTunes now and download Campfires or I Loved You to hear some chiming guitar hooks that would make The Cure proud. Though Jeremy and company could probably crank out album after album of catchy power pop a la Vertical Horizon, they keep things interesting with dramatic dynamics on songs like Future Man, You’re Obsolete and Sunshower, who’s harmonies reminded me a bit of the vocal interplay between of Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains. Maybe most impressively, it wasn’t until I began reading the lyric sheet carefully that I realized Kendall, like Pedro The Lion, is a faith-based band that never sounds preachy or pious, just inspired.” – Drew Pierce contributing writer Acoustic Guitar Magazine