Studio Credits

In addition to creating his own material, Jeremy has worked with the following artists:

7th Stone – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Arda – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Amy Karpinski – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Ben Bochner – Engineer, Mixdown

Cameron Williamson – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Carousel – Artist, Songwriter

Cabell Tice – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Dave Greenberg – Engineer

Drew Hammon – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Vocals

Jeremy Hartshorn (artist) – Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keys, Drum Program

Joe Maurer – Producer

Justin Fox – Producer

Kapaa Middle School – Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Bass, Keys

Kate Booye – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar

Katie Leota – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Bass

Kauai Christian Fellowship – Christmas Album – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Kathy Kolar – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Drums, Guitar, Bass

Kerri Silva – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Bass, Guitar

Kendall – Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixdown, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys

Kikilani Lindsey – Engineer

Kurt Frye –  Producer

Laura Steer – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Bass, Guitar, Drum Program

Landon Willams – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Lexi Warnock – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Louise Claussen – Producer, Writer, Engineer, Mixdown, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Banjo

Matt Grundy – Engineer, Mixdown

Micah Skye – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drum Program

Michael Saldana – Engineer, Mixdown

Nalu – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Newport Mesa Christian Center – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Paradox Lockdown – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown

Rachel Gauthier – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Bass

Sweet Corn & Peanut – Engineer

Solomon’s Porch – Producer

Sydney Agudong – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drum Program

Tom Kilroy – Producer, Engineer, Mixdown, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Tom Long – Engineer, Mixdown